Where is the tournament venue?
The tournament will be played in the event center of the official tournament hotel, Las Vegas Hotel & Casino. We will be playing indoors and on Sport Courts.
Does the hotel charge a resort fee?
No. The normal resort fee is not required when booking through our group reservations. However, you may call the reservations line if you would like add this amenity.
What is the best way to get around?
The recommended way is to cab. It is a short distance from the airport to the hotel. And you can take the monorail from LVH to many destinations on the strip. Parking at LVH is free if you want to rent a car.
What is the official game ball?
Men- Molten Pro Touch-Red/White/Blue
Women- Molten Super Touch-Red/White/Blue
What are the official women’s rules?
2013-2015 USAV Domestic Competition Regulations.
What is the cancellation policy for the tournament?
You many cancel with full refund by July 31st.
Cancellation period Aug 1-7; security deposit.
Cancellation after Aug 8; full security and registration
When is the deadline for roster changes?
July 31st.
How can I check the status of my team?
Your team status can be viewed on the team registration page.
How often are the updates?
Once you register your team, you should immediately see the changes. We aim to update everything else, including sending the electronic waivers, within 24-48 hours.
How do I make roster changes?
You can now make changes on the roster submission form. Select “Changes” and new fields will appear to add, change (provide updated info), or delete player. You may make up to 6 changes per form and submit as many forms as needed.
I submitted the roster, what next?
Your players will receive a electronic waiver to sign via the emails that were provided. Once everyone has signed, your waiver will be filled and your team status will change.
My player has not received the waiver form to sign. How can I check the status?
The email contact listed on the roster form has been shared the electronic waiver form. Please follow the link to check if your players email addresses submitted are correct. You may use the roster change form to make any changes. Also be sure they are clicking the link specifically provided to them. Please email if additional reps need to have access to the shared form.
Can I send one registration check (Cashier’s Check or Money Order) for all my teams?
Yes. But be sure to include a separate check for the security deposit and provide a list of teams.